My short term goals for June

  1. Exercise regularly and eat balanced meals

Recently I’ve been exercising more often but not really regularly. SO this month I will try and exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week. I have found a bunch of stuff on YouTube that I’m going to try this month.


This is a nice combination of cardio and weight training and I can do it at home.

        2. Blog everyday

Seven days ago I started a 30 day blogging challenge with my friend form Polkadots&Popcorn. At the moment its going really well and I really want to finish  this challenge.


         3. Save money

This month I want to spend less money on coffees and desserts and save a little more. I want to buy myself a nice floral dress next month and I can only do this if I save more this month.


         4. Start planning a 2017 Holiday

My one friend lives in Australia and suggested we meet up halfway in Hawaii for a Summer holiday next year. At the moment we’re also looking at Cancun and the Bahamas’s for this holiday. We have to start looking at the best prices and shortest flight times as most of them range around 25 hours. 😦


I should probably have more goals but these are the main ones for me at the moment.

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