My dreams and goal for the future

Everyone has realistic dreams and unrealistic dreams. For example I know that if I stay in in my current career I will never be able to do certain things like owning a yacht or living in a penthouse apartment.

Within the next 5 years I would like to achieve the following.

1 Live near the Seaside

I could be a beach bum any day. Obviously it is unrealistic as people need money to live and survive so I don’t mind if I live in a cabin or in a mansion as long as its by the seaside.


2 Start expanding our family

Since we married 8 years ago people have been asking us when we’ll have children. We’ve been thinking about it more and more and planning to expand our family within the next 5 years.


3 Travel more.

We have friends and family all over the world and we would like to visit some of them and experience their home countries.


4 Start laying down our roots in a country we can call home

For the last 5 years we’ve been trying to get into either New Zealand or Australia but it seems every time we have everything in order, our skills seem to disappear from the skill list. We have the opportunity to immigrate to Korea if we can work here for 5 years and learn Korean up to Grade 4 level. We are really working on this as one of our options now. So please wish us luck…





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