Deoksugung Palace Part 2

Last week we visited the Deoksugung Palace in Myongdong South Korea. There are 2 main forms of architecture on the site. One Korean and on Western. Last week I featured the Korean  buildings. This week I will focus on the Western buildings.

Seokjojeon Hall is a Western-style building completed in 1910 which consists of three floors. The kitchen and storage areas are on the ground floor. The audience chamber and dining room is on the first floor and the bedrooms and private living courters of the royal family is on the second floor

The entrance hall


The Audience chamber


The dining room


Dining wear with the emperor’s seal




The palace is situated in Myongdong South Korea. It’s very close to the Myongdong Shopping  district. The Myongdong stop is on the light blue line just past Chumgmuro, if you come from the Gangnam Express bus terminal.


Next week I will share some more pictures of the second floor.





Springtime in Korea

Although most of the Cherry blossoms have gone now there are still a lot of beautiful flowers across Korea




Myeong-dong Shopping

If you search Myeong-dong on the internet you will find hundreds of sites saying that Myeongdong is a shopping Mecca. It is of course, completely true. It is a great place for Expats to shop especially if you are taller than the average Korean. Myeong-dong consists of streets and streets of shopping. There is a variety of clothing shops including international brands like Guess, Calvin Klein, Forever 21 H&M and many more. The quality is good and the prices are affordable. If an item is in fashion you can shop around to find the best quality at the best price. If you feel like walking around without doing some shopping20160319_091637

there is a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, Hotels and street vendors. If you’re looking for luxury brands, like Chanel, you can visit Shinsegae or Hyundai department store in the same area.20160319_100400

How to get there

From Seosan you can take the Express bus to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal. Then take the subway, get on the orange line (line 3) get off at Chungmuro and change to the light blue line (line 4). Your next stop will be Myeong-dong, stop number 424. There is also a application called Seoul Subway that you can download on your phone to make navigating the subways much easier.

My Favorite clothing brands.20160319_091438

TEENIE WEENIE (Myeong-dong)

I have a few shops that I love to buy clothes from. First is Teenie Weenie. I absolutely love the colors and quality of the clothes. The shop has a very beautiful layout and they sell both men’s and women’s clothes. Their outfits are smart, casual and cute. They also have a beautiful range of bags that looks similar to MCM bags but at a tenth of the price.



I haven’t really bought much from this store but I love to look at their displays for outfit ideas. My husband has bought quite a lot of clothes from there and he is very happy with the quality plus they always have his size.

EGOIST (Shinsegae)

20160320_141459I absolutely love their outfits. They are a little pricey but if you save some money for a few months you can definitely buy an outfit cash.


Isaac Toast. The shop is always very busy and the food is incredible and affordable. By far the best breakfast meal in Myeong-dong.