First ten songs on my iPod (shuffled)

You never know what you’ll find on your iPod. Some of these songs have been on here since forever so don’t judge.


Die Kaptein – Bok van Blerk

Everyone – Resident Evil

Wandering crush – Garbage

Bad girlfriend – Theory of a deadman

I’ll be gone – Linkin Park

Immortal – Adema

In the house – In a Heartbeat

Cum on feel the noise – Quite Riot

Feed my Frankenstein – Alice cooper

Vengeance – Jack Hemsey

Music for my moods

Today is day 10 of my Blogging Babes challenge. Today I have to talk about the songs that signifies my moods. Music has been used in many cultures to express their feelings, whether it’s just happiness or their feelings towards political discord. Therefore music is an important part of our lives. It helps us show the world how we feel.Here are the songs I choose for each one of my moods.


When I’m happy I like to listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  It is upbeat and always makes me feel motivated and happy.Winter is my absolute favourite.


When I feel sad I like to listen to sting music. This song makes me especially sad when I listen to it. This version of the song is a little faster than the original but just as beautiful.


When I’m bored I usually like to listen to some kind of compilation. Since I’m an 80’s baby it will usually be a nineties compilation, or something you can sing along to at the noreabang ( Korean Karaoke room)


I don’t really have a specific kind of song i listen to when I’m mad. I prefer it to be quite in order to think about what was said and what can be done. I do however remember one specific day in my life, when we needed the help of others to ensure our future and they refused- out of spite. The song that I listened to when this happened was ‘Skin to Bone’ form Linkin Park

” your deception, my disgust”


My number one “hyped” song is ‘I just wanna be loved’ by Pappa Roach. The song has a fast rock n roll beat. I usually like to listen to this song when I play PVP games. Generally it gives me confidence to partake in these kind of games. Generally I’m not a very good player so it can become quite nerve wrecking at times.


30 day blogging babes challenge.

I have decided to collaborate with one of my blogger friends –  in doing a 30 day challenge to see if I can maintain a whole month of daily blogging. So here goes….

Some random facts about me…


My Favourite song

At the moment I like Shadows by Lindsey Stirling

Favourite Sport

It has to be rugby. I prefer playing sports to watching sport but I love watching rugby.


My favourite band

Most definitely Linkin Park. Always have been and probably always will be.


Favourite Show

My favourite shows are Breaking Bad, The Fall, Penny dreadful, The night manager (mini series) and then The walking dead and Game of thrones. I don’t always have the time to sit and watch endless seasons but these ones I manage to always make time for.


Favourite Movie

The batman Trilogy.


My favourite colour

Pink, everything pink 🙂



Favourite Food

Mango, I love mangoes. It always reminds me of when I was a kid in summer. they were quite expensive so it was a real treat eating them. We use to eat them at my grandma’s house.


Favourite drink



Favourite Video game

Insurgency although I like to play cute games like Ori and the Blind forest too.


Tag a friend.

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