1920’s Wedding/Party Ideas

“In the 1920’s the Parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser and the liqueur was cheaper.” F.Scott, Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

A few years ago we had a 1920’s theme murder mystery party. Everyone dressed and acted according to their character descriptions. It was great fun. No-one was who you thought they were. They were new and different people, the ones you trusted you couldn’t trust anymore…

In addition to our little party “the Gatsby Theme’ is something that has taken over parties and even weddings. Here are a few great ideas to incorporate into your event if you want the ROARING 20’s to make its appearance.

The Hair

Short bobbed hair and the finger wave and headbands was the thing to have, but if you have long hair you can still pull off a 1920’s look




Some more stunning hair ideas here

The dress

The flapper dress was a rectangular dress that showed none of the female curves but more modern versions of the dress is created to exemplify femininity.

The suit (Male outfit ideas)

In the 1920’s clothes weren’t tailored to fit you the way it is today therefore the men were loose fitting suits. Outfits often included wearing a polo shirt with a leather jacket for a more casual look but mostly gangsters dressed in suits to show that they were ‘business’ men.

The invitations

The Great Gatsby movie showed off the decadence of that era, and so should your invitations. Adorn them with cold, pearls,lace, diamonds and feathers.

The flowers

Be ostentatious, instead of only using flowers, you can use feathers, and gold painted tree branches adorned with pearls, and other jewels. If you have the’ dough’ to spend you can also add some white orchids or lilies to your arrangements.

The decor

DIY ideas

There are some awesome DIY ideas on the net that ranges from glittered feathers and bowls to gold painted tree branches and balloons. Decorating any of these with pearls, diamonds or glitter will also do the trick

1920’s Slang

When hosting a 1920’s dinner party or event adding some 1920’s slang on your stationary will also give your party a more mafia/gangster feel.

  • all wet – totally wrong
  • attaboy or attagirl – great job! (From “That’s a boy!”)
  • baloney – nonsense
  • beef – a problem
  • bimbo – a tough guy
  • darb – great
  • doll – an attractive woman
  • dough – money
  • gams – legs
  • gay – happy – never used as slang for homosexual
  • get-up – an outfit, clothing
  • high hat – a snob
  • hip to the jive – trendy
  • jack – money
  • joint – an establishment
  • line – a false story or lie
  • lollapalooza – a humdinger or wonderful time
  • live wire – lively person
  • razz – to make fun of
  • rats! – how disappointing!
  • rummy – a drunk
  • sap – a fool or idiot
  • shiv – a knife
  • skirt – a woman
  • spill – to talk
  • swanky – elegant
  • tight – attractive
  • vamp – to flirt with or seduce
  • wet blanket – a kill-joy
  • whoopee – wild fun
  • beat your gums – talk idly
  • beat it! – get out of here
  • don’t know from nothing – doesn’t have any information
  • don’t take any wooden dimes – don’t get cheated
  • get a wiggle on – start moving
  • I have to see a man about a dog! – I need to leave now (usually to buy illegal alcohol)
  • left holding the bag – to be blamed for something
  • mind your potatoes – mind your own business
  • now you’re on the trolley! – now you’ve got it!
  • puttin’ on the Ritz – doing something in style
  • take someone for a ride – to drive someone to an isolated spot and kill them
  • tell it to Sweeney! – tell it to someone who cares!



Witchy Business

As an English teacher in Korea, one of our key responsibilities is Halloween. Coming from South Africa we don’t really  celebrate Halloween except for the odd dress up party at the malls or theme park.

Last year was our first year in charge of Halloween. This year we’re having a Ghost house that span’s over 2 classrooms. My husband opted to be the witch as that confuses the children. If they know that it’s only their teacher in a costume then they aren’t as scared. When they are scared they usually say your name, if you respond then they know its you but if you stay mute then you freak them out a bit more.

For my husband’s Witch room we had to make some props which included a witch house, a scary tree and some books and bottles. We’re not finished with everything yet but here is what we’ve done so far.


This was the initial tree, my husband built a cute little house out of boxes and stick on bricks. We built the tree out of a refrigerator box and some paper mache arms. I later decided that we had to make the tree look a little scarier


And this was the result.


For his entrance I also tried to make a tree looking door, which didn’t come out as I had hoped , but it looks OK for the purpose. It’s not done yet… but I used newspaper, liquid glue and some polystyrene balls cut in half to make the eyes.


For props I remembered ‘THE BOOK’ from Hocus Pocus


I made this from a box using a small rectangular box, tissues, tissue paper, liquid glue and some salt-dough clay and cream ribbed paper for the pages. I used this tutorial

…..and this one too


I’ll share some more of our decorations as soon as we’re done 🙂





From Pinterest to Reality

Last year we tried to create a haunted house for our school. We had 3 main rooms. We had a slaughterhouse, a clown room and a creepy girl in the well room. We made all the decorations ourselves. Our inspiration being Pinterest. One of the things we made for the clown room was ‘n little cage with wheels with heads inside.



My attempt


To make this I used a normal square box. Cut a window in it. Used some of the offcuts to make the wheels and then painted it orange and black. I added a piece of black paper to the top to create a roof and took ribbed paper to create the bars. I also cut a door in the back to put the heads in.

We didn’t have a lot of fake heads, so we only put one in there.

And this is the end result.



How to make a Halloween well

For Halloween we made this well. I say we because it was mostly my sister in law. I only did the finishing touches namely blotching grey paint on the edges.


We started off with a square box a the bottom as our base.


We then glued shoe boxes in a circle to the box. We were lucky enough to have picked up a bunch of polystyrene squares on our way from work one night as they were building in our area. If you don’t have access to polystyrene bricks then you can use small boxes and shoe boxes. We used various sizes to make it look more authentic. When painting the boxes however, rather use a matte type paint otherwise it will look really shiny.

We cut the top polystyrene bricks with a Styrofoam cutter . We cut it into uneven pieces to make it look like the well have been broken and we laid some off cut peices on the floor to make it look like broken bricks


We painted everything black and then used grey paint to blodge the sides of the bricks, I also used some green and brown paint at the bottom of the well to make it look like dirt and moss.

I then took some of those plastic aquatic grass that you use in fish tanks and cut it into small pieces. I glued this (with a glue gun) to the well into most of the hooks and crannies.

Our well was now ready for display. We have collected some leaves the week before and threw this on the floor to cover the brown base of the well and some silk lavender flowers for effect. My sister in law also added some pictures with smoked glass to the scene to make it look scarier.


The final result


Scaring the Children at our School


15 minute DIY project

Before my family is visiting us later this month I’m trying to beautify our apartment a little. So I bought some silk flowers but when I got home I noticed that I didn’t have any containers to keep it in. Luckily I had a box lying around and a 1m brown wood wallpaper strip

I covered the box with the wallpaper and trimmed the edges, I then arranged the flowers and viola.