Dependant Personality Style

Many people exhibit dependant traits but those with Dependant personality disorder have and excessive need to be taken care of which result in submissive and clinging behaviours, regardless of the consequences. They are overly dependent on others to make their decisions for them and are generally unable to make decisions for themselves without advice and reassurance from others (Kaplan et al., 1994).

This fashion style stems from the idea that a person with Dependant Personality Style is a fashion follower. She will know exactly what’s in style this season and what’s not.  She will be reliant on the styles of her friends and on others, will often dress to fit in and follows trends religiously.

Friend style reliant 

Fashion straight from a fashion magazine/blog

Follows trends


Dress to fit in

When it comes to style we all are dependant from time to time. Adding your own flare to trends makes that style your own.

How dependant is your style?

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