Cozy Bedroom Ideas

As winter approaches we will be spending more and more time in our beds, whether we go to bed earlier, sleep late or just stay under the covers while watching television or reading a book.

During the season when the skies are grey and gloomy, it might be a great idea to choose warmer colours for your interiors. Here are a few lovely ideas for your bedroom this winter.

Orange, cold blue

Give your rooms some colour with deep blues, bright oranges and gold.


Spring colours

Adding some spring pink, gold, and warm creamy colours may also help you forget that its cold and grey outside


Hope these ideas help you stay warm during the cold winter months


15 minute DIY project

Before my family is visiting us later this month I’m trying to beautify our apartment a little. So I bought some silk flowers but when I got home I noticed that I didn’t have any containers to keep it in. Luckily I had a box lying around and a 1m brown wood wallpaper strip

I covered the box with the wallpaper and trimmed the edges, I then arranged the flowers and viola.



Everything Chanel

I recently saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest and wondered how I could recreate this look. The bulk of the decor is Chanel inspired.


Since I don’t have a lot of furniture in my little Korean apartment I will have to first get the staples like the couch, armchair and desk, but I have to make due with what I have for the moment so this is what I will need.

Modern ArmchairParsons Desk, Leather chair and Modern Chesterfield style sofa

Various options for wall deco to recreate the look on the walls next to the curtians

  1. Abstract Silver Metal Wall Art Sculpture

  2. Shining Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker Decoration Decor

  3. Contemporary Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art Accent Modern Home Decor

  4. Silver Metal Wall Art Accent

Curtains and carpets

  1. Black sheer curtains
  2. Faux fur rug
  3. Fluffy Grey carpet
  4. White curtians

I saw these lovely pillows on Etsy

Lighting requirements

  1. Large Chandelier
  2. Crystal Chandelier
  3. Emperor drum lamp shade