Work wear for English Teachers (Korea)

Mint Dress






Black & white


Flat shoes are always the best option when you’re standing on your feet the whole day.


Fall must have work outfits

As we are nearing the end of summer we have to start looking at work wear ideas for Fall. During fall we can start to add beautiful scarfs to our summer dresses or we can opt for long sleeve blouses and pants.


Chokers are making a huge comeback this year. Add a choker to your outfit to give it spunk



Add a beautiful golden belt to a monochrome outfit to give it that extra


Statement pieces are the key to gorgeous outfits. Pair a beautiful jacket with dark trousers and some heels to look like a CEO


Versace will make you look like a million dollars.


Some knee high boots will do the trick. They are very fashionable and can be worn with almost any skirt.



Add a silver belt or bracelet to a taupe outfit


The proper handbag will make any outfit look fantastic.

Here the Chanel bag would work best. Paired with a sequenced skirt and checkered shirt

Assecorise with pearls and golden bracelets and your all set to strut down the street like the diva you are.



Workwear (Korea)

Korea is different from the western world, they have a different culture and ways of doing things. Although they also wear clothes that come from american and European companies there are still some taboos. For instance girls can wear extremely short miniskirts but it is totally inappropriate to show shoulders, collarbones or cleavage. The social laws seem to be relaxing nowadays but in some areas of the country it is still considered highly inappropriate. Therefore when coming to Korea try and keep it conservative as you will be working with these people’s children.

Summer Outfits

You should be able to get away with showing you shoulders as long as it’s not in a strappy top. In summer you can wear lovely floral dresses or skirts. Your shoes should be chosen according to your school. If you’re working at a private academy (hagwon) then go with flat shoes because you’ll be on your feet the whole day. In public schools however you’ll wear slippers inside the buildings so you could wear high heels to work if you choose.

It is always better to put your best foot forward in a new work environment. Your style can become more relaxed once you’ve settled and seen what the other people at your work wear. Generally though the Koreans are dressed to the nines. A lot of foreigners wear jeans to work here in Korea but they keep it formal rather than casual.

What not to wear to work!

Although this outfit is really cute it is not something you should wear to work. Uggs with jeans are OK in winter because it is freezing  but not with sweats and t-shirts. You are a professional, try and  act like it.