How to pull off a Pink Wedding


For a bride the bouquet is an important accessory. . Whether you choose a simple rose bouquet or a wild bunch of flowers, the type of flowers and colours you choose is often an extension of your own personality and flair

Low Table arrangements

Any good reception will need proper adornments. When choosing a table arrangement always remember that your quests will want to be able to talk to each other across the table and therefore don’t want to struggle to look past the arrangement in front of them. For table arrangements you can either do a low arrangement or a high arrangement

Extravagant Table arrangements.


Choosing a bridesmaid dress design is just as important as choosing your bridesmaids.When choosing a bridesmaids dress you can either choose the same color and style for all your bridesmaids or you can choose a whole palette of pink. Both these options look equally beautiful.

How to incorporate your colour into your food and drinks

Its not always easy or practical to make all your food pink but there are some options on how to add colour to your feast. Try using pink drinks or deserts. You could also add cute little table snacks like macrons or coloured popcorn.


Types of wedding bouquets

Nothing says wedding like flowers…The wedding bouquet is an extremely important wedding accessory. It adds colour to your wedding dress. It is the main prop in the bouquet throw and it gives the bride something to do with her hands on her big day.

When choosing a bouquet, there is a variety of shapes to choose from. You can choose between round, starburst, crescent, presentation, cascade, biedermeier or even a single flower depending on your own personal style and the style of your wedding.


Originally referred to as the posies bouquet. This round bouquet is a traditional and simplistic yet elegant style.


A cascading style bouquet made from stargazers and other lilies.


Made in the shape of a crescent moon. The flowers are arranged to the outside of a round bouquet to create the crescent shape


Refers to the type of flowers given at a presentation. It is arranged with longer flowers at the back and shorter flowers at the front.


Also referred to as the shower bouquet, tail bouquet or the teardrop bouquet.


Named after the German style of interior decorating is a round bouquet arranged in round rings of various flowers and colours.

Single Flower

Single flower bouquets are becoming more popular. Instead of a whole bouquet of flowers the bride may choose to have a single flower like a Protea or a peony