The Infiltrator – Review

Sometimes, being in Korea, I feel like we miss out on a lot of movies. Only the big blockbusters make it to our big screens and the other movies take up to 8 months to come to the cinema’s or they don’t even come at all. The infiltrator is one of those movies. The first time I saw anything mentioned about this movie is about a month ago when they advertised it on Korean TV as a DVD release.


It looked pretty good and since we were huge fans of Breaking Bad, we decided to watch the movie in support of Bryan Cranston.

Its a movie about a US official (Cranson) infiltrating the mafia, in the time of Pablo Escobar, as a wealthy business man in order to help them launder their money into the United States.


It was really interesting and had some suspenseful moments. If you like true-life stories this is definitely one to watch.maxresdefault (1).jpg

I have watched some other “based on true life event” movies this year and to be honest some of them should never even have been made.

Spoiler alert

I sometimes think that while being an undercover agent/infiltrator is a dangerous job there are other aspects that people never really think about. When you become engaged with the people you are investigating, as a person, it is impossible not to make some kind of an emotional connection with those people. You become friends and you might even get along better with these ‘criminals’ than you might with people in your everyday life. I just think it must be hard to both do your job and betray people that has become your friends.

download-1All in all if your looking for an interesting movie on a Saturday afternoon, keep this one in mind.

I give it an 8/10