The Accountant – Review

A movie about loyalty and Asperger’s.


Christian Wolff ( Ben Afleck) is an accountant for some of the most dangerous people in the world. As a Ray King(J.K Simmons), the head of the department of treasury Crime enforcement division, is preparing to retire he is adamant to find out who ‘The Accountant’ is. Christian takes on a legitimate client, who’s accounting clerk found an in discrepancy in the books amounting up to millions of dollars. As Christian uncovers the truth, the bodies start to drop.


The movie is deeper than the plot suggest. My one friend commented that the accountant is the nerdy Batman, which was pretty funny at the moment. The movie however is about a man with Asperger’s, an Autism spectrum disorder. He was raised in an Army family. His mother left him and his brother with their father when she couldn’t deal with the pressures of having a son with Autism. His father was more of a ‘no pain no gain’ kind of guy and believed that instead of creating a sensory environment for his son where he won’t have to deal with sensory overload, he believes that ‘if bright lights and loud noises bothers his son, then those are the things that needs to be increased because the world is a noisy place’. He sends his sons to various martial arts institutes to train with masters from different art forms. Therefore making him a ‘killing machines’.


The movies touches on some aspects of Asperger’s in a way I haven’t really seen in a movie, it also gives the world some information on what a person with Asperger’s goes through socially.

The movie was interesting and there were sufficient action, it also had a good story line for an action movie.

If you are interested in Asperger’s and don’t want to read psychology books about it you can always read HOUSE RULES by Jodi Picoult. She gives us a deep look into the lives of Aspies, their families and the communities they live in.