On the 19th day of Christmas-Bake Day

This weekend I started baking all those cookies for the kids. Luckily I’ve been freezing some cookie dough prior to this weekend, so I only had to unfreeze those and bake them. I stored them all in plastic with a little note with the dough’s name and bake time on it.


After a whole Saturday of baking I packed the cookies in 10’s and wrapped them in cling wrap until I can pack them in our little bags on Tuesday.


On Sunday morning I baked some more cookies and then started on the icing, which ended up looking like a blood bath šŸ˜¦


So….. my husband said he’ll do the icing, it turns out he is more creative than I am.


I have a few more batches of cookies to make before Thursday, but at least most of it’s been done.