Which Sex and the City girl are you?

Are you the duty before self Charlotte? The literal and intellectual Carrie? The fiery loner Miranda? Or the nothing to lose Samantha?

Everyone has a favourite Sex and the City girl. Your favourite girl is a reflection of who you are. Even if you have more than one favourite it represents a balance between the four personalities.

According to proto-psychological theory there are four fundamental personality types; Sanguine (optimistic and social),  Choleric (short tempered and irritable), Melancholic (analytical and quiet) and Phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful) Hippocrates classified these personalities according to the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water.He stated that there could also be a balance between the 4 personalities yielding a total of 9 personalities (wikipedia)

Lets get to the point then…which Sex and the city girl are you?


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Miranda is sanguine. According to the Sanguine personality type your qualities include; sociable, outgoing, talkative, responsive, easygoing, lively, carefree and leadership. If you are Miranda, you are warm-hearted, optimistic and creative. The things you enjoy doing the most are the things you love.

Miranda style always showed that she wasn’t afraid of a challenge. Her style was effortlessly sexy. Her LBD didn’t show too much skin showing that she didn’t need feminine charm to get a man. She often drank whiskey on the rocks to show that she has the balls for a challenge. Her adventurous side was illustrated by her statement jewelry choices. She practically lived in her lounge wear when she was at home, and her lingerie style was more comfort than glam. She often wore lingerie that were functional as it’s coming off in any way.



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Samantha is Choleric. Accordingly your personality qualities include; touchy, aggressive, restless, excitable, changeable, impulsive, optimistic and active. If you are Samantha, you are task orientated and prefer to get things done immediately. You  are strong willed and like to be in charge. You like planning and you are practical and solution orientated.

Samantha’s style is lust driven. She is strong and driven and not afraid to mix business with pleasure. Her LBD’s whole existence is there so that men can be inspired to take it off. Her lingerie choices would include lacy corsets that doesn’t take much skill to remove.



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Carrie is Phlegmatic. If you are Carrie your qualities include: passive, careful, thoughtful, peaceful, controlled, reliable, even tempered and calm. You are patient, caring and tolerant. You have a rich peaceful inner self. You seek peaceful environments and atmospheres. You are steadfast and consistent and therefore you make a good friend.

Carries style is adventurous and flirty. She likes to mix vintage items with high fashion items. Her style is fresh and girly. In modern day it might even be a little bohemian at times.  Her lingerie choices would include very cute bra and a thong, something a little more edgy



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Charlotte is Melancholic. According to this personality type, your qualities are; reserved, quiet, sober, anxious, moody, rigid, pessimistic and unsociable. You prefer to do things yourself. You are often concerned about the cruelty of the world and is easily susceptible to depression and moodiness. You are focused and conscientious and have great sympathy for the world.

Charlotte’s style is feminine and classy. She loves outfits that make her look like a girl. Her outfits almost always include floral prints, lace or silk. She prefers to look classy and would not experiment with outrageous fashions. Her underwear would include very cute bra and pantie sets


Although these personality types are all different, one could argue that they fulfill each other. Just like you often get introverts and extroverts being drawn to each other in an effort to compliment the other by compensating for their social deficits. Each personality type is there to enhance and enrich the other, whatever your personality type.




Blood types and secret blood groups

There is an ongoing online debate about the secrets of our blood types and our origins. It seems that our blood types can tell a lot more about who we are than what we thought.

One of the first questions I’ve been ask when meeting people in Korea is “what’s your blood type?” This has somewhat puzzled me because initially I thought it might be for medical reasons, you know, in case you get into an accident.. but then some of my students also asked me the same thing.  It wasn’t until 3 months later that I discovered that knowing your blood type is the Korean equivalent of the horoscope.

Type A – The Farmer

Accordingly Type A is a good type to have. Its means that you are  earnest and sensible. You are also very patient and reserved.You are responsible and that makes you a good worker. Other positive traits include  conscientiousness, trustworthiness, and sensitivity. You are also seen as a perfectionist that pay attention to their work

Bad traits include being  over-earnest.As a Type A  you are capable of  attaining a leadership positions but often the amount of tension that goes along with leadership positions will discouraging because you are such a worry-wort. Furthermore because this type is so reserved you often come across as shy or uptight.

Best workouts: Intense exercise increases your levels of the stress hormone cortisol and leads to muscle fatigue and stiffness. You do best by opting for calming activities that help you focus and protect your joints, like Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, and isometric exercises.


Type B – The Hunter

Good Passionate, active, doer, creative, strong love animals, optimistic and flexible.

Bad traits are the you are irresponsible, unforgiving, forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centred

Best workouts: You’ll enjoy group cardio workouts that are slightly lower impact, like tennis or cycling, as well as resistance training.


Type AB – The Humanist

Good Traits Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable, introverted and emphatic.

Bad Critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, “split personality”,Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

Best workouts: You tend to get muscle and joint stiffness from high-power cardio sessions, so you’ll be more apt to stick with gentle exercise, like walking, hiking, golf, or dance. However, you also tend to internalise anger, so yoga and Tai Chi can be helpful for keeping your mood level, and your muscles and joints limber.


Type O – The Warrior

Good: Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive,Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders, self reliant and daring

Bad :Self-centred, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, “workaholic”, unreliable, arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless

Best workouts: You tend to be strong and athletic—gotta love those powerful arms and legs—and, because you’re no longer chasing your meals, crave high-intensity workouts like interval training, running, and plyometrics. You use exercise as an emotional outlet, and need it more than other blood type to fight stress and anxiety and boost your mood.


I tried to get as much information on the topic. For me some of it was really true, but not all of the traits are  100% accurate.

Here’s an interesting video about the blood types of famous people