Cozy Bedroom Ideas

As winter approaches we will be spending more and more time in our beds, whether we go to bed earlier, sleep late or just stay under the covers while watching television or reading a book.

During the season when the skies are grey and gloomy, it might be a great idea to choose warmer colours for your interiors. Here are a few lovely ideas for your bedroom this winter.

Orange, cold blue

Give your rooms some colour with deep blues, bright oranges and gold.


Spring colours

Adding some spring pink, gold, and warm creamy colours may also help you forget that its cold and grey outside


Hope these ideas help you stay warm during the cold winter months


Wedding ideas – Secret Garden

When we are little girls we often dream of our wedding day. We dream of walking through a wood and come across a secret garden and there, in the garden stands ‘prince charming’ the man or our dreams, the man you want to spend the rest of your life with

The Bouquet

No matter the shape of your bouquet the flowers will represent a mix of flowers that you picked on the way to your secret meeting place, hidden in the lush gardens.

The destination

Whether inside or outside the wedding hall and reception should reflect the wild nature of a garden. This includes many flowers or draping to give the effect of a hidden garden


Decorating ideas should include lots of different colours.

Table arrangements

Depending on your own personal style you can choose one large arrangement per table or 3 vases of flowers. It is always important to remember to keep your arrangements in odd numbers as these appear more appealing to the eyes.

Bridal party

Choosing bridesmaid dresses for this theme can include light or dark colours of pink, purple, red, orange or green or any other floral pattern. A nice tough is flower garlands in their hair so they look like fairies in your secret garden of love