Advice to my younger self.


Dear Younger Self.

Now that I’m 31, I have some things to say to you

First go study. Don’t wait until your late 20’s. You are much smarter than you think. You have the potential. Just because you didn’t do so well in school doesn’t mean that your dumb. You’ll be able to pass both your degrees with distinction just go for it.

Stop telling yourself you are fat and ugly. Wait until your 26 then you’ll know what is fat. Stop complaining and do something about it. Get in the gym now so that I don’t have to work so hard later. You are still young and beautiful enjoy that and stop being so negative, I’m still trying to clean up after your mess.

Stop buying on credit. By the time you’ve paid off that little blue dress you won’t even be wearing it anymore. That dress isn’t really worth it in any case, so don’t even buy it. If you start saving now, you’ll be able to afford the things you really want later and you won’t worry about your old age so much.

Love your husband more, he really is a keeper. And spend more time with your family. Soon some of them won’t be there anymore. Also visit Julian more, one of these days he’s going to Korea and then you won’t see him for 4 years.

I would hope that you will follow my advice but as we both know, it’s already too late


Sincerely yours

Your future self.


Someone I would want to switch lives with

At first I couldn’t think of anyone I would like to switch lives with. I am very content with my own life even if I face many hardships but not more than anyone else I suppose. If I were to swap lives with anyone I think I would like to switch lives with  Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffet. Benjamin Graham was a professor that researched the various theories associated with investments. For example the theory of finding patterns in the markets.

Warren Buffet is a stockbroker that own his own investment company called Berkshire Hathaway I would like to live a day in their shoes just to know what they know. I have always been interested by the stock markets but has never had the guts to ACTUALLY take my money and invest it in the stock market. Through my husbands research into the stock markets we’ve learned a lot about investing for our future. We have seen that we can invest in a more secure manner if we invest long term. There will always be a risk of losing your money but keeping the losses to the minimum is what we’re aiming for.

To Learn more about investing you can read The Intelligent Investor. by Benjamin Graham. It is an excellent book that tells you how to invest and also gives information on how the stock markets work.


More interesting books on investing

Both these books were written by expats in the field of teaching abroad. These books tell you how to invest when your earning a low salary.