Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geek in you.

My brother, his wife, my husband and I are all a bunch of geeks. We love movies, TV shows, PC and console games and all books not excluding comic books. We love all kinds of merchandise, some more than others and we often buy these things for each other over Christmas or Birthday, so here are some gift ideas from some of our favorite franchises.

Dr Who

My brother absolutely loves Dr Who. His favorite Doctor is the 10th so last year I got him the Dr Who Screw driver but I also liked the Tardis clock and USB drives and then I always like the idea of the cups who change color or pictures when they are hot or cold.


  1. Sonic Screwdriver with sound FX
  2. Projection alarm clock
  3. Dr Who Dalek Projector alarm clock
  4. USB Drive
  5. Antique Clock
  6. Dr Who Cups



For those of you who don’t know it yet, Tony Moly, a Korean beauty company has collaborated with Pokemon to create some really cute makeup products that include blusher, tint, skin cover, face packs and even body lotions and creams

You can currently find it at amazon at more or less the same price we get it here in Korea. Most of the stuff are Pikachu but you can chooseĀ some of the other Pokemon too when you buy cleansers and creams

  1. Tint
  2. Blusher
  3. Skin cover
  4. Face Packs
  5. Creams

In addition there are some cute Pokemon plush toys available at Amazon. I’m particularly mentioning this because they’re prices are around $7 each whereas we are charged $100 here in Korea for the same thing šŸ˜¦

Star Wars

My brother is a huge fan of Star Wars and I think he would just love these, OK the toaster might be excessive but the idea of it looked good.



  1. Starwars Jedi fleece robe
  2. Darth Vader Toaster

Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Thinkgeek has the very cute Rocket the Raccoon bag, which will make an amazing Christmas present or a little Groot Funko especially with the second installation of this movie coming out next year.




Harry Potter

I’ve recently discovered the most wonderful website with all kinds of Harry Potter Merchandise its called Harrypottershop but unfortunately for me they don’t ship outside the US and if they do its only to military addresses.Some of my favorite stuff includes the wands,from all your favorite characters, the Griffindor and Slytherin bedding and the robes, go and have a look


DECOR519-dumbledore-army-scroll (6).JPG

I hope that some of these ideas could help you and not confuse you even further like it did me:P


My favourite YouTube guru’s

Although I do not spend too much time on YouTube, there are quite a few YouTubers I like to follow and subscribe to.

When it comes to beauty, hair and makeup I quite like Luxyhair and Leeannesays. Leeanne has a great personality and she is somewhat quirky, I really like watching her do her makeup and hair while luxyhair always has great hair styling ideas.

When we first decided to come to Korea we didn’t have a lot of information about Korea. Therefore we had to search for a lot of things on the internet. One of the things I came across was Simon and Martina’s Eat your Kimchi videos. It is funny and informative and gave us some ideas about what to expect and where to go in Korea

For fitness my go to girl is Zuske Light. She has these 12 – 15 minute workouts. They aren’t always easy but it is fast and gives you a cardio AND weighted workout blast. I also use her videos for some inspiration or if I want to try out some new moves. A while ago I did her arm balance challenge, it was a lot of fun and different from the usual kind of exercises.

Last but not least I like to watch college humour Ā if I’m in the mood for a laugh

There are many other channels I like to follow but these are the Top 5 ones for me!!!!