5 Movies you didn’t know were based on literature works


One of my favourite childhood movies. Little did I know that this little teen movie is in actual fact based on Emma from one of literature greats, Jane Austin. Only when I read the book in my first year at uni did I realise where the idea for this movie came from. Jane Austen herself said that she was writing about a Heroine that only herself would like. It turns out that in modern times her heroin is much loved by many.

From Prada to Nada


Another teen movie based on the Jane Austen novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’

She’s the man

This delightful movie is based on Shakespeare’s Twelth Night.

10 things I hate about you

Yet another movie based on Shakespeare’s work. A lovely teen movie based on the Taming of the Shrew.

Apocalypse now

This movie is based on Joseph Conrad’s book ‘The Heart of Darkness’. Although the movie is set in a different time and circumstances than Heart of Darkness the same themes are represented. It captures the madness that the Congo caused on the colonisers in the late 1800’s.

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