Finding fulfillment in the little things

A year has come and almost passed us and it’s time to look back at what it has taught me.

The biggest thing entering my life this year has been my yoga practice. I discovered yoga after deciding to try my hand at e-commerce. My husband suggested that I sell gym wear since I’m really into health and fitness. I decided to sell leggings and after doing some initial research found that there are a lot of people selling gym wear. I then stumbled upon the yoga community through Instagram. At first I tried to market my products on my Instagram page but soon realized that it would be better for potential customers to witness my leggings in action. I didn’t know it yet but this decision would change my life.


I started looking at pictures of yogi’s in extreme as well as easy looking poses. The extreme ones were so inspiring and I thought to myself that I could easily do some of the easier ones. So I started doing the poses just to advertise my leggings. Soon I realized that I couldn’t just always do the same poses so I did some more research met some great people on IG and started to do a few yoga flows.


In March I went through something that completely crushed me and I followed along a yoga video from Boho Beautiful. It made me feel great. Throughout the video I was mindful of staying present. Focusing only on what my body is doing and where I was at that moment. It helped calm my heart and my mind and I fell in love with yoga.

In the months that followed I added more and more yoga to my gym routine and in September I started doing my Yoga Teacher training. For the year that lies ahead, I’m moving down to Busan in South Korea and I feel enthusiastic to start teaching Yoga in the New Year.

What came into your life this year?e14939e4433a70b5e03171e6a46cae32

How to be fit at any age

In your 20’s

During your 20’s your reasons for being fit and sleek might not be for health reasons but rather for vanity reasons. In your 20’s you have a lot of energy to burn so why not start a healthy lifestyle early. Now is the time to build a solid framework for later in life. During this period its easier to lose weight and build muscles. Finding a good balance between cardio and weight training will help you achieve your fitness goals. During your 20’s you’re also more likely to experiment with various exercises and sports, therefore you’ll be able to find something that you can do and love for years to come. Just remember to avoid over training as fatigue can set you back on your health and fitness goals.

No need for pictures of women in their 20’s they are all still gorgeous and fit.

In your 30’s

The reality is that women in their 30’s begin to lose muscle and bone density. Another issue is that it becomes harder to lose weight. In your 20’s you could eat healthy for 2 weeks and have a six pack or fit into those old jeans while in your 30’s you’ll have to eat really lean for 6 weeks to have the same results. Although it is harder to build muscle it is still possible. One of the most important parts of our bodies that we have to maintain in strengthen during this period is the core muscles. If you don’t maintain your core it will become increasingly difficult to perform normal daily activities as you reach your 40’s. Cardio and strength training as well as adding circuits into your exercise program will provide a nice balance.

Kate Hudson (37)

In your 40’s

During your 40’s most women have settled for huffing and puffing. It is now that it is most essential not to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Now is when more fat deposits settle on our waists. While strength training is still important more intensive cardio sessions will help keep the weight off.

Jennifer Nicole Lee (41)

Gorgeous women in their 50’s

Marilyn Stowe, Elle Mcpherson and Demi Moore are all ¬†in their 50’s