DIY Lace Choker

Over the past few months I’ve seen increasingly more and more chokers. I remember when I was around 13 years old, chokers were quite a thing. We all had them. They were made from plastic and probably not really fit for a 13 year old. I remember that Pamela Anderson had a barb wire tattoo on her arm in her movie Barb Wire and then we got all those barb wire inspired chokers. It seems however that the choker has returned and I like it. I’ve seen a lot of really pretty ones but since I love lace, I’ve decided to make a lace choker.

What you’ll need.


  1. Measuring band
  2. Lace ribbon
  3. Snap buttons (2)
  4. A needle and thread.
  5. A charm ( if you want)



Measure around your neck. Be sure to measure an extra 3/4 inch (2 cm).Cut your ribbon according to the measurement. Fold the 2 sides of the ribbon in. Only about 1 cm each. Sew the sides separately.


Sew on the snap buttons on either side of the ribbon.


Button the ribbon and fold it in 2. Check where the middle is and sew your charm on… and viola, you’ve got a choker.


I’ve also made a little ribbon with the rest of the lace that I could slip on to a bobby pin for my hair


I hope you like these and try your own designs 🙂



Fall must have work outfits

As we are nearing the end of summer we have to start looking at work wear ideas for Fall. During fall we can start to add beautiful scarfs to our summer dresses or we can opt for long sleeve blouses and pants.


Chokers are making a huge comeback this year. Add a choker to your outfit to give it spunk



Add a beautiful golden belt to a monochrome outfit to give it that extra


Statement pieces are the key to gorgeous outfits. Pair a beautiful jacket with dark trousers and some heels to look like a CEO


Versace will make you look like a million dollars.


Some knee high boots will do the trick. They are very fashionable and can be worn with almost any skirt.



Add a silver belt or bracelet to a taupe outfit


The proper handbag will make any outfit look fantastic.

Here the Chanel bag would work best. Paired with a sequenced skirt and checkered shirt

Assecorise with pearls and golden bracelets and your all set to strut down the street like the diva you are.