My extraordinary last meal

When I was really young I remember watching a movie where they asked the criminal what his last meal would be. It makes one think… if you had one last meal to wish for what would it be. I suppose it will change from day to day, depending on what you really crave.

In my current state of mind, if I had one last meal to choose I would choose the following.

For an entree I would like garlic snails, it is something my dad use to make at home and we could buy it in any restaurant in South Africa. They use to drench the snails in cheddar cheese. Nowadays you only get garlic snails with cheese sauce, which is definitely not the same thing. This picture is from Spur restaurant in South Africa.

For my main meal I would like a medium to rare steak in red wine sauce with caramelised sweet potato, green beans in cream and some baked potatoes.

Then for a desert I would like Malva pudding. It is my absolute favourite dessert. It is a traditional South African pudding in a creamy buttery sweet sauce.


And last but not least, I would not want to go without my cup of coffee. 🙂