First time camping in Korea

I’ve never been much of a camper.  The last time that I can actually remember camping was when I was 14 years old.

We’ve been planning to go on a camping trip for about 4 months now so we slowly started buying everything we needed for our summer trip. My husband bought a “one touch tent”, some sleeping bags and a small grill. I packed some “braai” meat (in South Africa we call BBQ-ing… braai), potato and avocado salad, bread dough and some no bake cheese cake.

So on Saturday morning we packed all our camping gear and hopped on a bus to Boryoeng beach near Daecheon. When we got to Daecheon we had to take a 10 minute bus to Boryeong Beach.

There is no laws against camping on the beach in Korea except if there are camping grounds nearby. Boryeong has camping grounds near the beach so that’s where we went. When we arrived at the camping grounds we couldn’t find any ticket offices. Luckily after walking around looking dumbfounded for a few minutes another foreigner explained to us that we can just set up our camp and that the management will walk around later and charge us for the amount of days we are staying.

We set up our little “one touch” tent and started the barbecue. We had a lovely weekend. The atmosphere was great and the beach was right across from our camping grounds. We walked around on the beach, ate ice cream and some coffee when we weren’t sitting around our camp-fire. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and street vendors on the Beach strip. Although we only stayed one night I will easily do it again. it was also great to have a small break from technology and the internet.

Fun Beaches in Korea

In the Summer Korea has a very popular festival that gathers thousands of people on the beach, its the Boryeong Mud Festival. The mud is said to ex-foliate your skin and those who ought to know say that your skin feels really soft after you wash all the mud off your body. My husband and I decided to go to Boryeong a few weeks in advance to look at the sites before the actual festival and this is what we found.

We took the local city bus to Boryeon and got off at what looked like a summer wonderland. It turns out it is a water park with all various fun activities like slides, pools and one of the only flow-riders in Korea.100_3840

We also discovered a very cute park to take pictures and where some boys were riding bikes and skate boards

100_3867100_3855Boryeong isn’t just for those who want to visit the mud festival, it has a variety of activities like zip lining and paint balling along with many eateries and hotels for those who want to stay for the weekend. There is also a camping site and a lovely spa that sells mud beauty products at affordable prices. 100_3864

To get to Boryeong from Seoul you can take a bus from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal,  to Boryeong (보령). From Boryeong Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Daecheon Beach. There is a bus every 10 minutes. alternatively you can take a train from Yongsan Station or Yeongdeungpo Station, to Daecheon Station. From Daecheon Station, take a local bus bound for Daecheon Beach.

From our humble city Seosan you can take a bus (40 minutes) to Boryeong bus terminal and then from there a bus to Deacheon Beach. Getting back to Seosan takes some planning though because there is only a bus every 2 hours and the last bus leaves at 7 pm

The 2016 mud-festival this year will take place during the weekend of 15 July.