Betty Boop changed my life.

When I was 12 years old, one of the girls on my netball team had a costume themed birthday party. It was my first costume party ever. My Mom had the bright idea of dressing me in one of her emerald green mini dresses and adding 2 huge balloons in my dress to make me look like Betty Boop.

At the party all the girls chased me with needles and pins to try and burst my “boobs” considering I was really flat chested and shy at the time. I remember my mother saying that everyone liked me at the party and that gave me the confidence boost I needed  at the time. I became good friends with all of the girls.

I think that is where my love for costume parties started because you can be someone else without fear of being judged because people will never know if that was the “real” you or the “make believe” you. In memory of that experience I’ve decided to post some very cute Betty Boop accessories I found on the net this week


Vogue Black Betty Boop Keychain

Red Betty Boop Keychain

Betty Boop Salt and Pepper shakers

Betty Boop feathered hat figurine

Betty Boop Pillow

Betty Boop Black Travel mug

Black and Red wallet and handbang

Pink and Black wallet and handbag

Cream studded wallet and handbag

Pink and white handbag